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Keywords And Yoast SEO For WordPress San Luis Obispo

Keywords and Yoast SEO for WordPress San Luis Obispo

Keywords and Yoast SEO for WordPress San Luis Obispo

Picture your current website that needs improvement or imagine your new website being developed and it’s time to create content for the site. Some designers and developers start creating your home page early so they have something to show you, a webpage you can visualize and make sure the design is going in the right direction. This sounds logical, everyone want to have a great looking website, start with the design right? Not really, at WickenInc we almost never start with design.

The purpose of this article is to show that researching and choosing your websites keywords is likely the most important single planning and strategy step you will make. It could even be the difference from success and failure of your business.

The design and layout of your website should be built around your objectives with planning and strategy including your keyword research, competitive analysis, sales funnel planning, understanding your target conversions and more in-mind. Sounds daunting, but it isn’t necessary, just some time and knowledge.

Before you ever write a sentence to place on your website you MUST have your keyword research done. Keyword research and strategy will be the basis for how Google and other search engine rank your site, how people find you and how you drive traffic to your website, this includes both organic ‘free’ visitors and paid traffic.

Keywords, how you chose them, and strategies you employ to maximize your websites effectiveness are so important and something to be understood well. Researching and choosing keywords is a bit of an art and does take some time and thinking. We will be writing an article specifically about keyword research, but for now visit a great article about written by our friends at MOZ to learn some basics.

Keywords and Yoast SEO for WordPress San Luis Obispo

In this article we will touch on my favorite WordPress Plugin for keyword optimizations on each page of your website called Yoast SEO for WordPress.

Term to Understand: To be clear a primary keyword is the #1 keyword you think people will use to accidentally find your website in a search engine.

Once you have your primary keyword selected for a particular page then you can begin writing the content for that page. As you do, there are many areas of the page where you use your primary keyword in a way that makes search engines love your page, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimizations for WordPress or SEO for short.

For those new to keywords and SEO for WordPress, a tool like Yoast SEO can be invaluable in helping make sure you are ‘optimizing’ your content. There is a reason they are called ‘Keywords’, because they are the ‘key’ piece of content to help search engines understand your website, your business and your objectives. If done well search engines like Google will reward you will higher ranking and therefore more organic traffic. Do them poorly and few people will ever find your website.

You may have even noticed the title of my article which is Keywords and Yoast SEO for WordPress San Luis Obispo. I have very specific reason for doing this which will become clear shortly.

Yoast SEO San Luis Obispo

Okay, now we are to the key part of the article about Yoast SEO! The Yoast SEO WordPress plugin is very simple to install and use. Here are the easy to follow 2018 instructions on how to install and get started with optimizing a home page. [As this article ages let us know if the steps need updating as you are following them, thank you!]

NOTE: We will use our WickenInc website as an example with the keyword ‘WordPress Website Developer San Luis Obispo’

  1. Login into your WordPress website
  2. Navigate to the Plugins page: Plugins > Add New: Then search ‘Yoast SEO’
  3. Click ‘Install’ then after install ‘Activate’

Small Business Keyword Research San Luis Obispo

Yoast SEO will now be ready to use. When we edit my home page the Yoast SEO tool will be an area shown on the Edit Page. The Yoast tool scans all of the content on your webpage just like Google would, when it ‘indexes’  your web pages. Yoast then tells you exactly what content (written and associated images) you have prepared well and content that need improvements. It does this in a simple to understand ‘Analysis’ report showing Green = Good results, Orange = Improvements, and Red = Problems. NOTE: Don’t be overly concerned about fixing every Improvement or Problem on every page, just focus on the most important improvements listed below to start.

Yoast SEO San Luis Obispo

Now we will add your keywords to the following areas of your page:

  • Title
  • Permalink (when appropriate)
  • Focus Keyword field
  • Snippet Field = Meta description
  • First Sentence of your page
  • 2-3 more times throughout the body of your page
  • Image name, alt name and description

To the right shows the keyword ‘WordPress Website Developer San Luis Obispo’ used as the Focus keyword and within the Meta description.

Small Business Keyword Research San Luis Obispo

And of course when it is time to do your keyword research you can then try to find the best primary, secondary, even tertiary keyword to include on any page of your website. And that leads us back to the keywords for this article. Here are the keyword selected for this article

  • Primary keyword: Keywords and Yoast SEO for WordPress San Luis Obispo
  • Secondary keyword: Yoast SEO San Luis Obispo
  • Tertiary keyword: Small Business Keyword Research San Luis Obispo

Worth noting is that we decided to include our city of San Luis Obispo in our keyword for a few reasons, though it wasn’t required.

When we use the keywords without the city we are ranking worldwide and competing against all others for these keywords,
When we us the city in the name it increases our chances of connecting with potential clients in our area,
AND third it allows us to buy lower cost AdWords traffic and have the chance to rank when trying to do it locally vs internationally.

So now you have Yoast SEO installed on your WordPress website, go check it out, get familiar with how it works and start Search Engine Optimizing your page content!

If this article raises more questions for you and you need a little help getting started in the right direction contact me, Rob Wickens founder of WickenInc, I am happy to hop on a call to give you some guidance. And if you happen to live in San Luis Obispo County let’s meetup for a coffee.

Schedule a free online virtual meeting by reaching out, you can comment in this post, private message, call 1-805-380-7763 or email for a free training session.

Happy SEO’ing!!!

Rob Wickens

Serial Entrepreneur who loves starting and building businesses.

Specializing in mentoring small businesses, strategy & planning, graphic design, and WordPress website development all followed up with business growth implementation and business development!

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